Volleyball Fundraising Ideas

16 Fun Volleyball Fundraising Ideas

Preparing for fundraising is not easy, especially where the involved individuals, schools, or organizations do not understand what is required. For fundraising to be successful, different factors are put into consideration:

The Initial Activities

To start on planning on a fundraiser, an individual, school, or organization will have to;

The Fundraiser Budget

Participants and Supporters Attendance

Incorporating Social Media

The Team

On the Day of the Event

Plan B


1. 5 Kilometer Run or Walk

5-kilometer run or walks are significant fundraising events with low cost and a high return on investment (ROI) while efficiently promoting the volleyball fundraising idea and engages persons of all ages. 5K runs and walks make it easier to incorporate crowdfunding for the volleyball fundraising. Additionally, the participants can promote the volleyball fundraising event to their friends and family network, which will lead to a significant awareness for the fundraising mission.

The considerations for the 5K event include determining the event’s location and size concerning management, the date, and fundraising goals. Also, additional themes such as the volleyball team theme will be of additional fun. The race itself can include different levels and challenges, such as survival and fun races, which will attract more participants.


Other additional considerations include looking for sponsors. This is because sponsors will help work within the set budget, raise more money, and provide promotional advantages. Therefore, looking for sponsors will require a sponsor signup form that can be integrated into the mobile technology to ensure collecting and organizing sponsors’ information is easy. Online signup forms also allow for interested sponsors to register and reach out quickly.

2. 50/50 Raffle

First, one has to confirm with their local and state laws concerning their regulations on raffles as a fundraising means. However, raffles fundraising events can be fast, easy, and fun as a volleyball fundraising idea. The fundraising event idea can be planned and organized either as an individual, a school or in collaboration with other community stakeholders such as movie theaters and venues.


The volleyball raffle fundraising event will involve the supporters buying the raffle tickets. For example, the raffle tickets can be priced per ticket or buy several tickers for a discount price. The supporters and participants then write their information, such as name and phone number, at the back of the ticket to be placed in the drawing container. The participant who wins the raffle will then share the proceeds in half to the volleyball fundraising.

To gain more proceed from the raffle ticket, the participants do not have to be present during the drawing and can have the winner informed through mobile messages. Therefore, encouraging more participants to purchase more tickets despite their absence in the hope of winning.


3. Auctions

Volleyball fundraising auctions can be a great way to make significant funds for the event. There are different types of auctions to choose from, such as online, live, silent, or bid. For a volleyball auction event, items like volleyballs, uniforms, and tags can be great to promote the fundraising theme.


Therefore, a volleyball auction fundraising event will be influential when the auction type, theme, location, and event date are decided. The auctioning items can be collected from supporters, the community, sponsors, and local businesses. Ideas for auctioning items can include gift baskets which are perfect for promoting individuals’ donations and assembly. The participants’ signup form will act as an RSVP.

The use of social media to create the event’s buzz will go a long way in peaking the attendance by showing a sneak peek of the auction items. Also, to make it more interesting, creating VIP exclusive access to particular items will increase the fundraising amount.

4. Basketball Hoops Fundraising Games.

It will be interesting to use other sports to support and aid in volleyball fundraising. Many people enjoy basketball, and creating an event, especially for schools, where people can shoot hoops for fundraising is a great idea.


To have a successful event, marketing the game through social media, posting banners in local shops and stores, and mobile messages to participants and supporters will help encourage participants’ registration into a hooping team or individual competition.

The registration will involve a minimum donation amount to play as an individual or team (each different). The payments can be made through an integrated mobile and app system, making it easy to track and progress the fundraising amount.

5. Bands Battle

Having bands to battle is a great way to raise funds as a volleyball fundraiser. This is because the opportunities for raising money are immense, from band entry registration fees, crowdfunding donations, and ticket sales.


The bands’ event’s battle will require determining the event’s venue, and its availability depends on the size, such as school gyms or malls. Other unique venues can include coffee shops that offer discounts in return for the heavy traffic. Also, the business can act as a sponsor.

However, the event should not be limited to include bands only but can consist of dance troupes, poets, solo artists, spoken words artists, and magicians. The participants are then given a crowdfunding platform, such as mobile-friendly platforms, to share their participation with the friends and family network. To win the competition, the participant should have the highest number of votes cast.


6. Bingo

The love for bingo among the more extensive populous is evident; therefore, making it a fantastic volleyball fundraising idea. However, it is prudent for individuals, schools, and organizations to familiarize themselves with state and local laws on bingo fundraising events.

Funds can be collected through an admission package which includes the entry fee, bingo’s book sheets, and additional bonuses such as complimentary tickets having a refreshment offered. Participants can purchase the admission package at the venue or prior through the mobile registration platform. Depending on the size of the event, it is essential to look for volunteers to help in selling the bingo tickets and organizing during the event.


7. Chores for Charity

People do not like performing chores, and this can be an excellent volleyball fundraising idea. Participants can register, such as families, community members, and business partnerships, to set aside some of their time to perform chores for donations and funds.


Planning a chore for a charity fundraiser event requires having volunteers who will present their different services and the work scope they are willing to engage in. After that, the donations or funds for the different kinds of chores are determined and establish a platform where prospects can request the available services. Moreover, there is a need to develop a reminder platform where the volunteer’s information is uploaded and their reminders and updates are scheduled.

The opportunities are extensive; for example, the elderly in the community may require minor repairs, cleaning, decorating, and other odd jobs. Additionally, local government and businesses may engage the chores for charity in a community project such as cleaning the park, thereby doing some good for the community while raising funds for the volleyball event.


8. Dodge Ball Tournament

Having a dodge ball tournament is easy and fun because it accommodates all ages. Funds can be raised through participants signing up digitally or traditionally, either as a team or individual. To make the event more exciting and increase participation, the dodge ball tournament should have different competition levels for different age groups.

Encouraging the participants to share the event with their friends and family network will boost attendance. Thus, funds will be raised from the entry fee and crowdfunding. The winners will be determined by the highest donation made, or it will be an added advantage to the team with the most donation.

Additionally, more funds can be raised from selling snacks and drinks. For the prize, the school, organization, or individual can have a trophy or t-shirt.


9. Fashion Show

Fashion shows are the trendiest way to raise funds. For volleyball fundraising, incorporating a volleyball theme into the fashion show will be essential in promoting the theme. Planning for a fashion show can involve collaborations with local boutiques who lend their clothes for charity fashion shows or agree to have their clothes on the show for sales after the event, with part of the proceeds going to the fundraising.

One can ask the participants to bring their outfits while considering the two or three clothes changes per model in a fashion show. This information will help determine the number of model participants and the length of the show.

Having model participants is easy because any person can sign up as a model, from family to community members. Participants registration can occur through digital mobile or traditional paper forms. Social media can help promote and market the event enabling the purchasing of tickets before the event.


10. Game Night Fundraiser

A game night fundraiser is great because persons of all ages can participate and enjoy themselves. Different themes for game nights can be incorporated, such as Vegas-style casinos. There are many games to engage in during game nights, from board games to video games. Thus, to plan for a game night fundraiser for a volleyball event, there should be a payment system for the entry fee and other rules such as game fines.

The use of social media to market can be effective in increasing participation. Other marketing ideas include setting up posters in schools, community centers, businesses, and restaurants. Having volunteers will be helpful in the organizing and management of the game night’s activities. The advantage of game nights is that they can become highly competitive, making them a recurring event for people to compete and break records while generating funds.


11. Charity Sports Skills Clinic

A volleyball fundraising event can involve having professional, and amateur volleyball players, trainers, coaches, and guest pros host a clinic to teach volleyball techniques and skills to help people learn and improve their volleyball game. Planning for a charity sports clinic will involve deciding on the clinic type and age group; in this case, it is volleyball as a clinic type.

After that, identify the clinic’s venue, such as a school gym, and find ways for participants and volunteers to register. Marketing the event will be essential in promoting a massive turn up. This fundraising event is helpful because it gives opportunities to less skilled players to seek guidance from professionals and advance their game to better levels towards perfection.


12. Wacky Wager

Wacky wagers are fun and engaging crowdfunding idea that encourages people and teams to donate in return for a wacky incentive that encourages them to give or donate. For example, a group of friends may decide to donate $50 each to the volleyball event. In return, the friends will have one of their close friends partake in a hilarious activity like wearing bunny ears to school or work. However, to make it more interesting, the wager should be between two groups or individuals; the person who donates or contributes more than the other wins the wager and decides what the losing party does.


Yard Sale

13. Yard Sale

Yard sales are great fundraising ideas while de-cluttering. For a volleyball fundraiser, selling volleyball items in addition to other things from supporters can be essential in raising funds. Social media can be a great way to communicate to supporters on the sale and drop-off location for the donations. Also, people can register online while pledging to donate different items that they feel to. After that, the contributions are collected, sorted, and priced for sale.

It is prudent to look for stains, broken pieces, and personal items such as receipts accidentally left behind by their former owners during this time. Again, social media can help promote the sale, such as community event sites and Craigslist. During the sale day, having volunteers will be significant in organizing the event, such as displaying items on the tables, making it easier for people to identify things and make purchasing decisions. An integrated mobile swiper and application will help secure payments.


14. Gala Event

Gala events are elegant, themed and include different activities throughout the event such as dancing, entertainment, dinner, and silent auctions. The gala should therefore be in a theme that promotes volleyball fundraising. The decorations, entertainment, and dinner menu selection should ensure that the supporters and guests can connect to the cause. However, preparing for a gala event is not easy because it requires the marketing of the event on social media platforms, planning, decorating, following up, and cleaning, among other activities.

Galas are great platforms for individuals, schools, or organizations to ask for in-kind donations, additional help from donors, and favors. Collaborating with other stakeholders will help in cutting costs. For example, engaging with food and beverage outlets will help save or cut costs on those items. Mobile-friendly donating systems will be essential in securing donations. Also, the mobile donating systems can act as real-time thermometers during the event to show the donations’ progress, especially during top emotional moments.


fundraising ideas with Cookies

15. Cupcake Fundraiser

Many people have a sweet tooth, which can be an excellent way for people to donate and enjoy delicious baking. To raise funds for a volleyball event, crowdfunding can be a great way for supporters to become judges. Also, the participants in the baking competition engage in crowdfunding before and during the event while the votes are still counted. This can help the baking participants to progress to the next level or avoid elimination.

Additional to the baking, supporters will face hunger from the delicious aroma of the baking. Therefore, selling beverages such as juice, coffee will lead to additional funds. A mobile payment system will help keep track of sales and identify the progress of the donations. The cupcake fundraiser can involve baking on-site or presenting their already baked items for judging and engaging in frosting.


16. Obstacle Course Fundraiser

Schools and organizations can organize different obstacle course events to raise the bar from the typical courses. Psychological studies have revealed that individuals are more likely to participate in challenging, hard and painful events because individuals are drawn to them. For example, instead of engaging in a 5K event, the race can include obstacles along the way. Another challenging event can be a paintball fundraiser; however, such a challenge is limited in the number of participants. Therefore, the size of the event and the number of participants should be determined.

Planning an obstacle course fundraiser will include creating a platform such as a mobile crowdfunding registration platform. The same platform can be used to share the event’s information, ticket viewing, and marketing. Other marketing options include printing flyers. After that, determine the obstacle course venue and date. Finding a venue can involve either looking for an obstacle course facility for rent or set up obstacles in your choice of location.

However, one must note that the venue will determine the type of obstacle: mud pits, wall climbing, obstacle crawls, or rope climbing. Therefore, look for a venue that is hard and challenging; the more demanding, the better. Funds are raised from the participants’ entry fees.



We hope you enjoyed some of these volleyball fundraising ideas. Be sure to also read some of our other articles on baseball fundraising ideas and high school fundraising ideas.