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School Fundraising Companies

Good school fundraising companies won’t just throw the order forms at you and call it a day. The best companies in the industry have sales representatives that are located across the country, so you can work with someone who lives right in your area. These men and women are experts at selling product in your particular market. They’ll be able to tell you which products are available to your school, get in touch with local businesses if you’re selling discount cards, and assist you throughout the entire fundraising process. Many of these people are active community leaders who take on extra community projects throughout the year. They know the area almost as well as you do, and they’re happy to help out. And if this is your first time holding a fundraiser, don’t be afraid to ask for assistance.

Why Should You Invest in a School Fundraiser for Your Next Event?

For decades, school fundraisers have been a staple of the public experience. Anyone who’s been through elementary school has at least one memory of pushing chocolate bars or keychains on their parents, friends, and family members so they can take a school trip. These fundraisers are often laughed at, but they actually play an important role in teaching kids about marketing and money management. They help the quiet kids gain some confidence and get comfortable talking to people. They teach members of the community how important it is to help members of the younger generation achieve their goals. And when it’s over, the children get to take their school trip, feeling like they earned it through weeks of hard work.

Why Not Just Ask for Donations?

If you’re planning an expensive school trip or class project, you might be considering skipping the fundraising process altogether and just asking parents for donations. Surely it’s easier to cut out the middleman and ask for money directly? However, you’ll find that a lot of parents don’t want to part with their hard-earned money. Some feel like it’s not their job to fund school projects. Some might want to donate, but end up forgetting it and don’t remember until the deadline has passed. Others simply can’t afford to spare any part of their paycheck. You could also ask parents to pay for their individual student, but that means the kids with wealthy parents get to go and have fun, while the kids with poorer parents have to stay in class. Why give some of the children an unfair advantage?

Additionally, when you’re asking for donations, you’re not giving the kids the chance to learn anything. All they’ll be able to do is beg their parents for the money until they finally give in. If you’re a high school faculty member, some of them might be able to pay their way, but most of them only have part-time jobs that pay minimum wage. It’s never too early to teach the students that hard work pays off. When they’re involved with a fundraiser, they’ll get a sense of accomplishment knowing that selling products has resulted in real, concrete rewards. They earned that class trip–no one else earned it for them.

How Do I Get Started with a School Fundraiser?

While some schools attempt to hold fundraisers on their own, it’s best to work with a third party company to ensure that you’re working with professionals and getting quality products. When you work with a professional fundraising company, they’ll essentially do everything but sell the product. They’ll create the order forms, supply the product, contact local vendors (if applicable), and work with you every step of the way to make sure that you have a successful fundraiser. Keep in mind that these people have been in the industry for years: they’ve helped hundreds of schools raise money, and they can help yours, too.

If you’re worried about a school fundraising companies taking a large cut of the profits, most companies actually ensure that most of the profit goes to the school. They’re not here to take away money from kids who just want to go on a class trip. They’re here to make sure your fundraiser is professional, effective, and backed by legitimate businesses. Because let’s face it: no one’s going to chip in for the fundraiser if they’re not certain that they’ll get something in return.

To get started, simply visit a fundraising company’s website and get in touch with one of their professional marketers. Most sites have a simple form that you can fill out with your name and contact information. You can also see which marketers work in your area and get in touch with one of those people directly.


Ideas To Ensure Your School Fundraising is Successful

A fundraising company can do most of the heavy lifting for you, but it can’t do everything. Before you get started, make sure you have a goal in mind. Figure out how much money you’re going to need and how much each individual student needs to make. If you’re taking a trip, do some research and figure out all the expenses beforehand. You might have a few surprises expenses along the way, so consider adding a little extra to the goal amount. Better to have leftover cash at the end than run out and find yourselves scrambling for money.

Having one big goal can be a little overwhelming, especially for the students, so try breaking it up into several smaller goals. Hang up a poster somewhere in the school that shows the students how much money they’ve raised. As they meet each goal, encourage them and make them feel proud of their accomplishments. The more they enjoy selling, the more they’ll be willing to do it. Plus, it’s a great way to improve morale around the school.

Once you get started, make sure the kids are directly involved. Don’t just give them an order form and tell them to start selling product. Have a school assembly or meet with classrooms one-on-one to explain to them the importance of selling these products. Make the students feel like they’re part of something bigger. Give them selling advice and point out that they’re the ones making this happen: not you, not the fundraising company. Them. And as they meet their individual goals, make them feel accomplished and tell them they did a great job. After all, they’re not just selling cookie dough for a trip–they’re learning important life lessons along the way.

And don’t forget about the parents! They’ll be there every step of the way, helping their child find customers and encouraging them to push sales. Send out letters that let the parents know when each individual goal is reached, and thank them for their assistance in this matter. Without them, their child’s success wouldn’t be possible.

Ideas For Things To Sell At School Fundraisers

Different fundraising companies offer different products, some with higher rates of profit than others. If you’ve never held a fundraiser before, you might want to go with a guaranteed “crowd pleaser” like discount cards or cookie dough. However, some products are better suited for more specific events. For example, if you’re raising money for a sporting event, you might consider selling customized tumblers with the school’s mascot printed on the side. Here’s a few of the more common fundraising ideas you can sell during your fundraising event.

cookie dough

1. Cookie Dough

Everyone loves cookie dough. It’s sweet, it’s delicious, and you can either bake the dough or eat it right out of the can. School fundraisers are notorious for selling cheap trinkets that nobody wants, but cookie dough is a treat that everyone enjoys and can actually use in their kitchen. Buyers usually have the option of choosing from different flavors like chocolate chip or peanut butter. The dough also typically comes pre-portioned, so they won’t have to slice it into pieces themselves: they can just throw it in the oven and enjoy hot, delicious cookies in no time.

2. Discount Coupons

Another common fundraising staple is the discount coupon. Buyers make a one-time purchase, and they get a set of coupons that offer special sales and discounts to multiple businesses in the area. While some companies might require you to contact the businesses yourself, a good fundraising company will reach out to businesses in your area and work with them to get authorized discounts. The companies might include small family-owned businesses as well as large corporations and restaurants. It’s the perfect option for people who do a lot of shopping and want to support local businesses at the same time.

3. Customized Tumblers

A customized tumbler with the school’s logo or mascot is another useful product that buyers will actually be happy to pay for. It’s hard to find school-branded merchandise, so this product allows them to show their hometown pride. The tumblers also make great gifts for former students of the school. They’re attractive, they’re portable, and they look great at your next school function.

4. Discount Cards

Similar to the discount coupons, discount cards are plastic laminated cards that you can carry around in your wallet just like a debit card. A card offers more customization options than the coupons: you can choose your colors, add the school’s logo, and even include a convenient event schedule. The card also comes with a set of discounts to local retailers. The discounts are usually good for up to one year, and apply to a wide range of businesses including stores, restaurants, offices, and even hair salons.


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