If you’ve ever tried to make homemade bread, you know the work required to make a loaf. From kneading, to letting the dough rise, to baking, making a fresh, hot, delicious loaf of bread is a lengthy and sometimes finicky process. Not anymore. Braided bread is a sweet treat that is sure to be a hit at family breakfast or coffee with company.

Each loaf comes fully baked. All that is required of supporters is to warm the loaf and serve. Warming the loaf can be done in a conventional oven or microwave. Directions for warming braided bread are found on the box. Choose from six different varieties of braided bread including apple, caramel pecan, cherry, cinnamon, cream cheese, and raspberry.

In addition to the braided bread, supporters can also choose tasty treats like cinnamon pull-aparts and pumpkin rolls. Both come frozen and are ready to serve in minutes. No one but you will have to know that it didn’t take hours make these delicious baked goods.

Choose from Six different varieties:
Caramel Pecan
Cream Cheese