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Adrenaline Fundraising is a fundraising platform that empowers schools, teams, and other groups to raise more money than they ever thought possible.

Fundraising should be easy.

In our connected world, where everyone shops from their phones and receives deliveries to their front doors, fundraising with awesome products should be easy. With Adrenaline Fundraising, your group can easily sell massive amounts of awesome products to eager buyers.

Over $1 Billion raised

Adrenaline Fundraising does over 13,000 fundraisers annually. Throughout our 35-year existence, schools, teams, and groups have raised over $1 Billion (yes, with a B) with our programs. That means you’re going with a proven, consistent, greatest of all-time winner.

We know the deeply transformative benefits of great fundraising

Like you, we’ve seen the deep connections, the transformative, stable sustenance that outstanding fundraising brings to a team, a group, or a school.

In our 35-year existence, we’ve seen flows of fundraising dollars uplift, transform, sustain, and grow entire communities.

More sales,
more profit

User-friendly and buyer-centric campaigns built with Adrenaline Fundraising get more people to buy more, which means more funds for your organization to further its mission.


With decades of experience in the fundraising industry, we know what products make the most money for your team, school, or organization. We carry only the highest quality products, so you can confidently fundraise knowing your supporters will be 100% satisfied.

We serve YOUR organization’s needs

We tailor our campaigns to your organization, and your market environment. We evaluate your needs and learn what other groups in your area are doing – before we map out a strategy for you.
That means your campaign is tailored, and you sell more product, in less time, for more profit.

Be the fundraising leader they love

Bring home high-performing campaigns and enable them to raise more money than they ever thought possible. You’ll empower your organization to generate record numbers, with frictionless orders and hands-off fulfillment of proven products.

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You and your team implement the program, and maximize your fundraising dollars.

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See how much money other schools, teams and groups have raised using the Adrenaline Fundraising platform. 

Speed Basketball

Portland Highschool


Total Raised of $10,000 fundraiser goal

Portland Highschool

Portland Oregon

Hawk Baseball



Total Raised of $40,000 fundraiser goal

Bend Highschool

Bend Oregon

Eagle Volleyball



Total Raised of $20,000 fundraiser goal

Astoria Highschool

Astoria Oregon

TIger Volleyball



Total Raised of $5,000 fundraiser goal

Portland Highschool

Portland Oregon

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