Easy Fundraising Ideas For Sports Teams

Easy Fundraising Ideas For Sports Teams

Do you want a way for your kid to exercise while bonding with family and friends? Encourage your child to participate in a local amateur league of their favorite sport. Joining a sports league requires a significant investment of both time and money. Unless you’re independently wealthy, you’re going to need to come up with ways to finance the team. Here are some easy fundraising ideas for sports teams. 

1. Door to Door Fundraising

When you want something, you need to go out and get it. Even if it means literally knocking on doors and asking for money. 

Pick a day to take the team from house to house, asking neighbors if they would be willing to spare a small donation. Spread out to cover as much ground as possible and be sure to wear your uniform and offer literature about the team.

Before you go out into the streets, have the team practice their pitch a couple of times. For competitive teammates, you may even want to make a game out of it to see who can get the most donations in X amount of time. 

This option is exhausting and disheartening at times. However, it can help teach the team sales skills. They’ll also get cardio from all of the walking. Of course, you’ll want to stick to safe areas during the day with plenty of adult chaperones. 


2. Golf Charity Event

A lot of team members may have dads who enjoy golf. These dads may even be willing to pay a little bit of money to go play golf for an afternoon. Hopefully, they’ll bring friends, too! Don’t forget that women like golf, too! You don’t want to exclude anybody, as that means missing out on a donation. 

Organize attendees in teams. Whoever loses each hole must pay X amount. Of course, the winners can contribute, too, if they’re so inclined. 

3. Provide Exercise Classes in the Park

Help the team earn money and promote wellness at the same time by offering exercise classes every day after school for a small fee. Advanced student athletes may be able to lead class on their own, or you can enlist a fitness-minded volunteer. 

In regards to pricing, you can set a price per class or put up a sign that says “donations welcome”. 

Whatever you do, stick to a consistent schedule so that people will know when to show up if they do decide they want to come. If you have classes at different times every day, it can confuse people and discourage them from attending.

4. Bet on Sports Games

If you already bet on sports anyway, you may want to take the opportunity to put that money toward your cause. Bet on games as you normally would, but the loser puts the funds toward your fundraising efforts. 

During football season, you’ll have an opportunity to earn multiple times a week (and multiple times on Sunday). 

Underage kids may not necessarily want to participate in this option.

Sell Merchandise

5. Sell Merch

In just about every team sport, team members wear a matching shirt or jersey. You may assume that you’re the only people in the world who would want to wear your shirt, but that’s not necessarily the case. 

Offer shirts for sale at all of your team games. Don’t forget to get shirts for men, women, and children. 

Pro Tip: The more entertaining the team name and logo, the more people will want to buy it. Have fun designing your shirt!

6. Put Up Flyers

You need to let people in your neighborhood know that you’re fundraising for your sports team. You can reach a lot of people by placing flyers in large public areas. 

You’ll need to check with businesses before you put up your flyer, but most grocery stores and local businesses will happily display the flyer for you. 

Your flyer should be eye-catching and clear. It should also provide people with a way to donate to you. If any of the team members show an affinity toward design, this could be their time to shine. 

7. Potluck/BBQ

Food is a great way to get people together. 

Organize a neighborhood potluck. For a small fee, guests can mingle and help themselves to the food. 

In order to keep expenses down, work as a team. Every member of the team should bring at least one item. 

Part of the appeal will be that the children cooked the food, so leave as much of it to them as possible. While you’re watching from a distance, don’t forget to take a lot of pictures. 

Friends and family can contribute food, too, if they’d like. 

Yard Sale

8. Garage Sales

You’ve been meaning to clean out your garage anyway. Collect all of your clutter and sell it to people who will use it. Find the team member with the best space for the event and gather everyone their with all of their approved goods for sale. 

Don’t forget to promote the garage sale with signs and flyers!

9. Get Seen

People can’t donate to a cause if they don’t know the opportunity exists. Therefore, you need to do your best to let everyone within a 20 mile radius know about your fundraiser. However, getting the word out can be more difficult than expected. 

When you go to an unrelated community event, such as a block party or PTA meeting, don’t be afraid to wear your jersey and ask for donations. Use these opportunities to ask for everyone’s attention for one moment and let them know what you’re doing. 

Sometimes, you can get seen best without interacting with people at all. Reach out to local television and radio stations to ask if they would let you do a short segment. It’s a long shot, but you may be surprised at the response you get. 

10. Utilize Online Resources

The internet has opened up the doors to valuable communication possibilities. It’d be foolish not to take advantage of the digital options available to you. 

Start by posting on social media. You can even start an online fundraiser. 

Using online resources allows you to reach a lot more people. However, it may be difficult to attract those people due to all of the material people encounter online. You have to do something that sets you apart. 

There are a million ways to go viral, but it’s not necessarily easy. You and your team create a funny dance video or a video of the greatest talent to accompany your fundraiser? Don’t forget a click-bait title to increase traffic to your cause. 

11. Ask the Local Government

When children play sports, it benefits the entire community. It’s also a good look for the local municipality to have happy, healthy kids playing sports instead of getting into trouble. We all know that local governments run on a budget, but they may have more of a budget than the average person in town. 

Have the team write a letter or film a video and send it to the local mayor and other government officials. If they don’t outright offer to sponsor the team, they may be able to give you suggestions on how to fund the team. 

car wash fundraiser ideas

12. Organize a Car Wash

There’s a reason that a car wash is a common way for young people to get money. Adults love to support young people working hard for the things that they want. And let’s be honest, most of us need a car wash anyway. 

The kids will also learn how to wash their own cars when they get older. Plus, it’s a low-cost option. All you need to buy is soap, sponges, and a cardboard sign. 

13. Ask Your Coworkers

When you see the team member working hard toward their goal, you should give them a break by asking people yourself. While they’re at school, ask people at work if they would be willing to contribute. 

You can simply send out a mass email to everyone in the office. You can also place a flyer and a donation box in the break room. You don’t want to apply too much pressure to your colleagues. However, you may still walk away with a generous high roller from your office helping out.

We recommend doing this after the kids have put in a praiseworthy effort. Not at the very beginning of the fundraising process. 

14. Host a Sports Game or Field Day

Since the cause involves sports, it makes sense that your fundraising efforts also incorporate sports in some way. 

You can have the team invite people to play their sport of choice. You can decide whether you want the game to be serious or more lighthearted. 

Not all sports are easy to play. For something that will appeal to more people, you can opt to host a field day event that includes a wide range of activities. 

Cookie Dough

15. Cookie Dough Fundraiser

Schools and other special places are always looking for cool ways to collect money for really important and kind-hearted projects. If you’re on a big adventure to find fun and creative ways to bring in some money, then you should definitely explore the magical world of cookie dough fundraisers. Cookie dough fundraisers are all about selling yummy cookie dough. Since baking cookies is a super loved activity by almost everyone, it’s no shock that these fundraisers are becoming a big favorite nowadays.

Imagine the sweet scent of cookies baking filling the air, bringing smiles and excitement to everyone around. These fundraisers are not just about selling cookie dough, but about bringing people together for a good cause. It’s like a warm, sweet hug for the whole community, all while helping to make dreams come true. So, it’s time to dive into the cheerful journey of cookie dough fundraisers, where every cookie baked is a step closer to making something amazing happen!


Whatever you do to raise money for children’s sports, just get out there and do it! Easy fundraising ideas can significantly alleviate the financial burden often associated with managing sports teams. Through creative and engaging activities such as hosting a charity match, organizing a fun run, executing a crowdfunding campaign, or starting a snack shack, teams can not only gather the necessary funds but also foster a stronger sense of community and team spirit. It is essential that the chosen fundraising ideas resonate with the local community and are executed effectively to ensure the desired financial and social outcomes. Engaging the team members, supporters, and local businesses in these school fundraising efforts can also create lasting relationships that benefit the sports team long-term. The path towards achieving financial goals can indeed be simple, fun, and rewarding when the right fundraising strategies are put into action.

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