Cheerleader Fundraising Ideas

Cheerleader Fundraising Ideas

As cheerleaders, we have a lot of expenses. Coaching costs, cheer camp, uniforms, and daily expenses add up fast. Fundraising is how we handle it. We’re always looking for ways to raise money. Along those lines, here are some of the best ideas we use for fundraising for our squad.

Adrenaline Fund Raising

Options for Fundraising Products

There are so many options for fundraising this season with Adrenaline Fundraising. Each of these choices offers something unique. The branding options for our team also provided loyalty. Those repeat sales each year made this season the best one yet. Here are a few options.

• Cards and Keytags

Cookie Dough

• Coupon Tickets

• Technology Products


• Stainless-Steel tumblers

• Hibernate Bed

We simply select the one that we want our squad to use for fundraising. Then, click the “get started” link and begin the fundraising campaign. Our squad reached its financial goals easily. Promoting one of these products, was so easy.


Discounts at local companies are easy to get. Discount cards are easily stored in the customer’s bag or wallet. One side displays the squad, and the other shows all the places that offer the discount. Discount cards, like the ones sold by Adrenaline, last for a year from the time of purchase. They’re handy, and easily used as a way to fundraise. It has the added benefit of providing brand loyalty to our squad. When our squad uses these for fundraising, they leave a reminder to support the squad later.

Cookie Dough

Cookie Dough

Cookie Dough was one of our squad’s favorite fundraiser products from Adrenaline. The Cookies are so good. It is a simple sell for anyone craving cookies. Taking guidance from earlier fundraising, we positioned our squad outside places where people want cookies. The sales came pouring in with these selections.

• Chocolate Chip

• Peanut Butter

• Oatmeal Raisin

• Snicker Doodle

• Candy Cookies

• White Macadamia

The chocolate chip cookies are the favorite. They sold-out first. The chunks of semi-sweet Hershey® chocolate made it perfection. The peanut butter cookies performed well too. These allowed the peanut butter lovers a solid choice. Even our oatmeal raisin cookies sold out. They are still a classic. Snicker Doodle cookies are such a unique choice. They sold out when buyers saw therm. They were unexpected, and very much appreciated as a choice. Do I even need to say anything about the white macadamia cookies? They were so popular.

Coupon Tickets

Local merchants love fundraising coupon books. With Adrenaline Fund Raising offers coupon ticket cards. Like the key tags, it is a card, but larger. This one also fits in the customer’s wallet. It includes several types of vendors that everyone uses. That makes it marketable for sales. That means more fundraising money for our squad.

• Local restaurants

• Retail Stores

• Salons

• Salons

• Auto service

These are just a few of the choices that are included in the adrenaline Fund Raising discount cards. The customers loved these. It is a yearly thing. Loyalty from the supporters is perfect with this choice for fundraising because the customers want to renew each year.

Technology Products

This was a unique plan for fundraising. There are several good choices for more options. Each one offers something unique for customers. Here are some of the choices for technology fundraising products.

• Hour-A-Thon

• Go-Fund Me

• Pledgeling

These types of fundraising apps are amazing. They allowed our squad to fundraise without any need for a product. It works through the home page of the squad’s site. Place it on all the squad’s social media and those who want to donate, can.

Stainless-Steel Tumblers

Again, sites like Adrenaline Fund Raising offer things like this. We ordered them and sold them at events throughout the year. It is a form of “merch” for cheer squads. It’s so easy to use this. They come in every color of the rainbow, so any squad color is available. The stainless-steel tumblers have a powder coating on the outside to keep them in perfect shape for years. It keeps the customers beverages cold for 24 hours. It also keeps the hot beverages hot for 8 hours.

Just Fundraising

Nuts About Sports

This was another great resource for our squad fundraising. The themes are specialized for your squad logo. Each set comes with a selection of nuts. Sell them at school events. Here are some of the features of these awesome fundraising products.

• The products come with brochures to post for orders and free shipping for customers.

• No up-front payment required.

• All items are $8 even.

• It comes with 20 different bags assortments for great options.

These are healthy options for those squads that want to promote a healthy lifestyle. With all the options, it is an amazing option for fundraising products. The brochure is the way to go for easy use. Customers can place their order and get the nuts with free shipping. No money is required upfront, so we were able to avoid the whole, “sorry, I don’t have any money on me” statement.

Cookie Dough Fundraiser

Gourmet Cookie Dough

The cookies from the other company are great. This one is a step above. Fundraise with cookie dough. Just Fundraising Cookie dough is available in one of a few ways. You can sell tubs, pre-portioned uncooked cookies, and dry-mix cookie dough. Customers have a choice of flavors, but the squad needs to decide which of the formats to sell for their fundraiser.

Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Rods

This was hugely successful for our squad. These chocolate-dipped pretzel rods are a great choice for selling at carnivals, pep rally, and games. The choices and method for order placement make it perfect. It offers a 47% profit. Here are the options.

• Master Case: This one has 240 packs. Each of these contains 4 carriers of pretzels.

• Each of those four carriers includes a variety of pretzels. (See below).

• The minimum order is for a master case.

The carrier includes 15 salted caramel pretzels, 15 rainbow sprinkle covered pretzels, 15 crunchy toffee pretzels, 15 chocolate bits pretzels. The squad gets 47% profit and free shipping with each order. They sell out fast at events.

Food Truck

Food Truck fundraiser

This is an idea that most haven’t used. It’s pure genius, though. We used this one this year because of social distancing rules. The food trucks allow money to come in at the location of your choice. You advertise the food trucks on a certain and day and time. Then have them give you a percentage of the profits. Don’t forget the raffle tickets for free prizes. There are so many variations for this idea. It raises a lot of money. Just have an adult check on permits. If that’s a problem, have the sale on school grounds. Get permission from the school.

Virtual Fundraiser

Have a live virtual show doing literally anything that your squad can think of. Charge tickets for the access to the show. Our squad thought new cheers would be a good option. Other squads said something about making home-made crafts. Be sure to thank the guests to the show for their contribution. If a paid live show has gifts that viewers make while watching the show, you’ll double your profits.

Cleaning Fundraiser

This one is amazing for public service. Adding community service programs like this one looks great on the college applications. Put out flyers up all over the neighborhood that the squad is selling service for donations. Then include a list of things you do. The people that call and order some help will pay donations as tips. Have recommended tip amount for each task.

Movie Night

Create a drive-in at the school with tickets for admission. Be sure and use a movie that allows public sales for viewers. This became a huge hit during COVID-19. People can social distance and see their favorite movies. This works really well for towns that don’t have a drive-in. That’s practically everyone now because drive-ins went out years ago. The nostalgia is half of the draw.

Virtual Silent Auction

Local merchants can donate things for the auction. If the squad has difficulty finding donated items, then try another fundraiser. If the community has a lot of merchants that want to help with a fundraiser, but don’t have a lot of money, this is the perfect choice. Auction things out on a live show.

car wash fundraiser ideasCar Wash

This one is an oldie. It works well for fundraising anywhere and at any time. Everyone loves a car wash. There’s a reason why this is always such a popular choice. It’s fun on those hot days outside. Cool down and raise that money. Teams can work together to help get the competition going. See how fast the teams can raise money.

Tarot Reading

Have someone that reads tarot or fortunes come and sell tickets for people’s fortunes. Do this virtually if social distancing is necessary. Give the psychic a portion of the money. If you can get someone to volunteer for this, then you get 100% of the money. Either way, people have so much fun. When we used this for a fundraiser, it was so much fun. Everyone received their fortunes. They left happy, and we raised a lot of money.

Shirts and Sweats

This is a spirit building event and a fundraiser in one. Have the squad get together and plan the shirt and sweats designs. Make sure to promote the school spirit. Then have one of the hundreds of companies print the shirts as orders come in. Get sales of the shirts for events and dances. Then print on demand for the orders. It’s a great pep rally event, or preparing for the season dance.

Pumpkin Carving Events

Each Spooky Season we have pumpkin carving events. We sell the material is the gym, and the participants carve their pumpkins. It’s always a hit with the younger brothers and sisters of the squad. Just remember the goal is to fund-raise. So everybody that carves a pumpkin, pays. Then have a judging contest for the best ones from the participants and event guests. Props if you have other carnival stalls with other ways to make money. Our school has these every October. They never fail to make a lot of money and everyone loves it.


Don’t forget the old favorite. Have a little daycare set up in the gym with events for the kids. Allow parents to drop off the kids for a mom’s day out. The money for babysitting goes towards the fundraising. This works for summer camp too. Some squads have events over the summer. This is a great one. Everyone needs babysitting. Why not let them have babysitting for a good cause?


This one is so much fun for the whole school. It’s an amazing way to raise a lot of money. If you’re able to get a local carnival to set up that offers rides for a donation themselves, or even a cut of the profits, your squad wins. We made more money than any other fundraiser with this one. Everyone had fun and even asked if we were going to do it again the next year. We did. It’s like a thing now. Don’t forget to have a donation box. People can donate cash at the event too.

fundraising ideas with Cookies

The Bake Sale

This is perfect. There’s nothing to buy. Have everyone make treats. Create a both outside, a place that allows a booth. Then sell the treats on a Saturday afternoon. It’s a fun way to spend some time and fundraise. This one is a great last-minute idea. It takes very little time, and makes a good chuck of change for the squad. Sell brownies, cookie, bars, rice-crispy treats and buy some bulk waters and juice from Costco. Sell for a profit.

Gift Wrapping

Take a Saturday and create wrapping paper. Get creative and make customized designs with the school’s mascot, name, and other creative ideas. Sell that to fundraise. This is really nice for those times during the holidays when money is tight, but the school has a ton of supplies for the craft project. This applies to any craft. Just sell them at pep rallies. Have a wrapping booth set up during the holidays. If the squad can get crafts to sell, combine the paper and the gifts. Double the profits.

Face Painting

If you have artist cheerleaders in the squad, have a face painting booth set up at games or other school spirit events. The money from the face painting can pay for a lot of things that our squads need. It’s a fun and creative way to fundraise for your squad.


Pancake Breakfast

Have a week-end morning gathering to sell pancakes for a pancake breakfast. Have fun making artistic ones. The fee for admission if your fundraiser, and your guests, have a yummy, school-spirit-building event. Just be sure to get permission from the principal first. In fact, get him or her to chip in and help. You can have contests for the best artist creation. Go wild with the fun ideas. They’re out there just waiting for you to get creative.

Pie- Throwing Competition

This one is another fun one. People love to see the squad get pies in their faces. Set up a booth at pep rallies or at the carnival above. People pay a donation to have a chance to hit the face of a cheerleader. This one is only for the bold. Most of us were willing to do it for the fundraising fun. Competitions get hilarious too.

That’s a lot of great choices. Fund-raising has always been a part of squad’s goals for the year. It’s fun and easy to come up with tons of creative ways to get money for the things the squad needs. Make sure and donate some proceeds from these amazing ideas to those in need once in a while. After all, that’s part of our team spirit as a squad.


We hope you enjoyed our cheerleader fundraising ideas. Be sure to also read our post on 36 Unique cheerleader fundraising ideas as well.


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