High School Fundraising Ideas

High School Fundraising Ideas

Developing a high school fundraising program is a great way to earn extra money for your high school or to further fund various school activities or sports teams. However, developing a fundraising idea is challenging because there is no one size fits all approach; everyone’s needs differ. Money makes the world go around — and […]

16 Fun Volleyball Fundraising Ideas

Volleyball Fundraising Ideas

16 Fun Volleyball Fundraising Ideas Preparing for fundraising is not easy, especially where the involved individuals, schools, or organizations do not understand what is required. For fundraising to be successful, different factors are put into consideration: The Initial Activities To start on planning on a fundraiser, an individual, school, or organization will have to; Decide […]

The Definitive List of 36 Unique Cheerleader Fundraising Ideas

The Definitive list of unique Cheerleader Fundraising Ideas

The Definitive List of 36 Unique Cheerleader Fundraising Ideas When you’re a member of a cheerleading team, fundraising is a given. In most teams, cheerleaders and their parents have to pay for some or all of the costs of their uniforms and various other expenses. With effective fundraising, you can offset some of the financial […]

Top Baseball Fundraising Ideas

Baseball Fundraising

Our Top Baseball Fundraising Ideas When it comes to student and other organized sports, most teams will need to do some kind of fundraising campaign to help with the costs associated with the sport that they play. Baseball fundraising is no exception to this. It doesn’t matter what age group the team is. Whether it […]

The Top Football Fundraising Ideas

Football Fundraising Ideas

As a football club, it may be an uphill task at times to get funding. Those who get funding may face a different challenge of getting the same often. Whether we require fundraising ideas to help us raise funds or continually raise funds to manage our football club, the process may be grueling if not […]

Cookie Dough Fundraiser Ideas

Cookie Dough Fundraiser

Cookie Dough Fundraisers And Ideas Schools and other kinds of institutions are constantly on the lookout for ways to raise funds for all sorts of pertinent causes and missions. If you’re searching high and low for fun and innovative ways to gather funds, then you should look into the universe of cookie dough fundraisers. Cookie […]

School Fundraising Companies

School Fundraising Image

School Fundraising Companies Good school fundraising companies won’t just throw the order forms at you and call it a day. The best companies in the industry have sales representatives that are located across the country, so you can work with someone who lives right in your area. These men and women are experts at selling […]

70 Best Fundraising Ideas For Schools & Students

Fundraising Ideas For Schools

Let’s be honest: school activities, events and trips are expensive! Whether you are a teacher or parent, knowing how to raise money for your students is crucial. Not every student can afford the trip to the All-State Concert Band Competition and not all schools can afford to pay out-of-pocket for updated lockers in Freshman Hall. […]