More Money.

Less Time.


Adrenaline Fundraising is a fundraising platform that empowers schools, teams, and other groups to raise more money than they ever thought possible.

Experience. Results.

Every year, thousands of groups and schools depend on Adrenaline Fundraising to help reach their financial goals. We’ve spent years refining our program and have gained a comprehensive understanding of what works in fundraising.

Over 1 Billion Raised

We work with large and small teams in just about every sport and activity. We evaluate your needs and gain an understanding of what other groups in your area are doing before we make recommendations for a fundraiser. Our experience ensures you’ll raise more money in less time.

Proven Products

With decades of experience in the fundraising industry, we know what products are going to make your team or organization the most money. We carry only the best quality products, so you can confidently fundraise knowing your supporters will be 100% satisfied.

For your Organization

When you work with Adrenaline Fundraising, you’re not just raising a lot a money for your organization. We pride ourselves in giving back to the greater good. Annually we support finding a cure for cancer, a cause that is near to many of our reps hearts.

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